Dole and North Shore

Dole Plantation and North Shore

On Monday, we went to the Dole Plantation and the North Shore.  McBear and Lou had a very exciting day.


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Koko Head

Sam: McBear, what are you doing?

McBear: Get down! Shots were just fired.

Sam: If you would have bothered to read the signs along the way, you would know that there is a firing range near by.

McBear: You are such spoil sports, reading all the safety signs and warnings.

Cokie: Yeah, well, at least we are not the ones ducking on the ground because of some gunfire. Just saying.

McBear: Yeah, yeah, whatever…

An hour earlier…

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Diamond Head


McBear: Hello, all. It is me, McBear, along with my good friend Captain Lou. In a series of blog posts, we hope to show you the highlights of our recent trip to the beautiful state of Hawaii. Between us, we took over 3,000 photos, but I promise we won’t bore you with all… just a sampling of our favorites.

The pictures for today are from our trek up Diamond Head. I am proud to report that Sam, Cokie, Lou and I all managed the hike up to the top of the crater.

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My Summer Vacation


“Well, I’m runnin’ down the road, tryin’ to loosen my load; I’ve got seven women on my mind. Four that want to own me….”

McBear: Em, first of all, in NO WAY did I either dance or lip sing to Cokie’s oldies station on this trip. Nope, that did not happen, so just get that thought out of your heads…

I just wanted to greet my friends here and let you know that I did spend a week and a half in Florida in June.  We had a great trip although the first portion of the trip was spent with Cokie’s gremlin—uh—grandchildren.  More about them later.


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I’m Back and I’m Bad to the Bone!

Hello all, McBear here. I tried to access the laptop this weekend and was surprised when Cokie was hesitant to let me check in. I mean, this IS my site, after all. But then I read the post about Lou’s exploits on the motorcycle.

Rest assured, he is not the ONLY one who has biking skills, as shown in the attached photo. *I* also have stories to tell…

What a sweet ride…

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A McBear Sighting

For Leica and others who miss me.  I understand I was the topic of conversation a couple days ago.  Rest assured I am well but I have been very busy hibernating this winter.  But with the warmer weather I crawled out of that nice warm bed.  Leica, I thought you might like to see in the buff.  But Cokie made me put on my pants.  


McBear here


I am sorry, I have been absent for so long. And I am even more sorry that it seems like I have abandoned you and the story of my vacation in Germany. But be assured, that is not the case.

But so much has happened, that I simply didn’t have the time. You know how it is, don’t you?

Anyway, and this isn’t about my trip either. Well… it kinda is. I need to share a great adventure with you, and I think it is important that you learn about what I had been up to last week.

And now that auntie Cokie has forgiven me I think I can share it with you. At the end of my report auntie Sam will get a word in, too. (And I’m pretty sure auntie Cokie will have something to say in the comments also. She’s like that you know.)

OK, I have to tell you when I learned that Sam had to have surgery, I kinda lost it. I wanted to go over there right away. And Cokie wanted too.

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